NEB is a fully intelligent one-stop service platform, including deposits, loans, leveraged mining, cross-chain mining, grabbing head mining, and automatic compounding, a series of DEFI behaviors help users to make stable and continuous profits.
NEB has a strict risk control mechanism to ensure the safety of user funds.At the same time, it generates super high compounding income.

After three years of preparation, we are honored to announce that NEB has launched the BSC public chain for internal testing on January 13, 2022, and be released on May 31 of the same year. It successfully passed the security audit certification of Certik, the world’s top security audit company.

At the same time, NEB has reached an in-depth strategic partnership with many well-known platforms such as AveDex, AICoin and Feixiaohao! For people from more than 100 countries
serving more than 200,000 customers.

The profit logic of DeFiNEB is using the tokens which earned by depositing ‘U’ (usdt) to the LP mining pool and settled into stable tokens such as USDT.
Users don’t have to worry about currency price fluctuations, the core of DeFiNEB is to deposit ‘U’ to earn ‘U’.

Advantages of NEB:

Security advantages: The code is open and transparent through the authoritative third-party Certik audit report.

Advantages of income: High income, the monthly rate is 15%-21%, and the annual rate compound interest can reach 300%+;

Community advantages: Strong governance, DAO community autonomy, no project party.

Profits of NEB:

1. Daily profits: 0.5%

2. The annualized rate estimate reach up to 300%+, with an average of 20.1% a month. Let say, investment of 1000, profits average 201 per month and 2420 per year;
Annualized APY up to 300%.

3. The capital can be withdrawal at any time, and the profits part can be locked for seven days. After seven days, the profits can be withdrawal, and the withdrawal fee is 0.005%;
( Lock-up is the status quo for all defis, some up to 365 days, NEB is only seven days, only locks the profits, not the capital)

25% of the profits obtained by users through NEB will be automatically distributed through smart contracts as rewards, 18% as market rewards, 7% goes to
operation of platform.

NEB is a new and very effective way to make money online.There are various transaction methods and high security. At the same time, the service in NEB is professional, efficient, simple and transparent! So many peoples who want financial freedom will choose NEB, because it’s so easy to come, the potential is endless, and we’d love for you to join us!

Steps to participate in NEB Aggregator:

1: Download TOKEN POCKET wallet
2: Create a BSC smart chain wallet
3: Click explore,find the DApp browser, in the “search bar” enter: []
4: Click the connect wallet at the top right
5: You can choose either USDT or others popular cryptocurrencies to start your investment
6: The wallet needs at least 0.0008 bnb as the miner fee,less than 1u
7: Enter the recommendation ID, (the recommendation ID is obtained from the recommender)
8: Click the deposit coins (Deposit means value-added to start your lay-to-earning journey!)