What are yield aggregators?

Yield aggregators, also known as ‘auto-compounders’ or ‘yield optimisers’ are tools that hunt for protocols/pools to maximise yields on invested capital. They also automatically re-invest interest gained on yields, which for an individual user, would be inefficient due to gas fees. By doing this process in batches across all participants, gas fees become negligible and the protocol as a whole makes a profit.

NEB is a fully intelligent one-stop service platform, including deposits, loans, leveraged mining, cross-chain mining, grabbing head mining, and automatic compounding, a series of DEFI behaviors help users to make stable and continuous profits.

NEB has a strict risk control mechanism to ensure the safety of user funds.At the same time, it generates super high compounding income.

The profit logic of DeFiNEB is using the tokens which earned by depositing ‘U’ (usdt) to the LP mining pool and settled into stable tokens such as USDT.

Users don’t have to worry about currency price fluctuations, the core of DeFiNEB is to deposit ‘U’ to earn ‘U’.

Advantages of NEB:

Security advantages: The code is open and transparent through the authoritative third-party Certik audit report.

Advantages of income: High income, the monthly rate is 15%-21%, and the annual rate compound interest can reach 300%+;

Community advantages: Strong governance, DAO community autonomy, no project party.


In a world where finance has been seemingly worked out and computers are now outperforming even the most experienced technical investors, a space where creative thinking and finance meet is pulling a lot of new talented investors. I’m personally looking forward to what DeFi offers us next, and I suppose how many billions it manages to make too.