New Era Bank-NEB The Trader Of DeFi

From trust-based to trust-less, decentralized finance overcomes what Fintech could not solve in traditional finance.


Exchanges need liquidity to attract customers. flovtec solves the problem for both centralized and decentralized exchanges, by offering market making solutions to the entire exchange or for specific tokens.


Your token has value, if it can be bought and sold at any time without causing a drastic change in price. flovtec ensures liquidity for tokens throughout their entire life-cycle. We help you establish trust in the token and win over users.


Whether you are a first-time investor or a veteran in digital assets, you are seeking innovative investments. We offer highly lucrative quantitative investment strategies and enable you to profit from the growth of the digital asset ecosystem.

About defi neb

DeFi NEB, founded on June 13th, 2022 and is headquartered in Singapore.

Following the crypto market’s continuous bull market, it has sped up the investment structure, taking the excitement of cryptocurrency to a new level. Both liquidity mining and DeFi Aggregator have been the reason of DeFi’s successful bloom, hence leading to NEB’s inevitable establishment.

After 3 years of hard grinding, we are proud to announce that NEB has finally been launched on the BSC chain for internal testing on the 13th of January, 2022. And on May 31st of the same year, NEB has successfully passed the audit of CertiK, one of the top smart contract audit firms in the world.

Founded in 2018 by professors from Yale University and Columbia University, CertiK consists of experienced auditors manually review smart contracts, identifying code errors and potential risks. That is why CertiK is so widely reCognized in the industry. The audit results show that DeFi NEB’s contract’s source code is safe, eliminating any financial risks and vulnerabilities, hence equipped with high potential industrial value. All these values have been implanted firmly in NEB’s aggregator, developing into a high security platform.

At the same time, NEB has reached an in-depth strategic partnership with many well-known platforms such as AVC and Alcoin. Serving more than 200,000 clients from over 100 countries.

In the fragmented and modular field of DeFi, a proper aggregation is a must. In a sense, DeFi aggregators are products that intercept market traffic, at the same time it is the best way to take advantage and capture your share of profits in the market.

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