The DeFi boom is a double-edged sword for trading platforms.

Facing an endless stream of DeFi projects, there are not only huge opportunities for trading platforms, but also huge risks. In the past, YAM declared failure within 36 hours of its launch, and later, the founder of Sushi cashed out and left.

Trading platforms are at the center of the DeFi revolution. A small change will bring about a “shuffle” of the industry, and some trading platforms with “confidence” seize the opportunity at this time and may overtake in a corner. For example, KuCoin, known as the “exchange for all people”, has captured the center of the DeFi craze…

Launching DeFi projects is not about more, but more than quality. Blindly “blindly” launching various popular projects is tantamount to throwing risks on your own users. Only by screening out high-quality projects is the responsibility to the user, so as to maximize the benefit of the user.

Regarding the launch of popular DeFi projects, KuCoin is cautious, but serious enough!

In mid-July, KuCoin launched a special DeFi event to vote for listing. In August, KuCoin launched a dedicated DeFi project area. Recently, KuCoin has also set up a DeFi project observation area to continuously select high-quality assets around the world and provide users with better services. Multiple investment options.

KuCoin International CEO Johnny also said in an interview with Cointelegraph that KuCoin has reviewed Sushi, a popular DeFi project, twice, but failed both times. The first time was because KuCoin believed that Sushi could not bring real value to the community. Later, KuCoin noticed that many trading platforms have listed Sushi, so it reviewed the project again. The reason why KuCoin did not list Sushi this time was that the project was considered a scam.

Recently, something happened that made many KuCoin users happy. KuCoin launched LEND, the current DeFi project with the highest market value, as early as 2017, and became LEND’s largest trading market. Later, due to the decline in LEND’s liquidity, KuCoin delisted LEND in 2018. Most users completely forget that they still have LEND tokens on KuCoin. Recently, LEND has been re-listed on the KuCoin trading platform. These users can find this asset when they log on to the KuCoin trading platform again. Compared with the purchase price, the income has almost exceeded 270 times. This asset could be disposed of freely, but KuCoin chose to return it to the user, which also highlights KuCoin’s responsibility and structure.

Although some people may be unfamiliar with KuCoin, which has received US$20 million in Series A financing from IDG Capital and Matrix Partners, the low-key KuCoin has usually only used its excellent products and achievements to “speak” for several years. As the most global trading platform, KuCoin has provided one-stop encrypted financial services to more than 6 million users in 207 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, it provides website language versions in 18 languages. Italy, Vietnam, Turkey, Russia, India and other places have established localized communities to provide users with the most localized services.

According to the data released earlier, KuCoin has created a total of 5 million USDT in revenue for users through KCS incentives, leveraged lending and Pool-X, helping more people understand and discover the value of cryptocurrencies. KuCoin is also the only platform in the industry that supports Level 3 data push for both spot and contract transactions.

Previously, the vernacular blockchain has reported on KuCoin. You can see the article “The “Back Wave” KuCoin: Encryption Infrastructure is the Key to Meet the Next Big Market”. As KuCoin CEO Johnny said, KuCoin has always played a role in With the role of the “infrastructure promoter” of the industry, these tasks may not be obvious enough, nor can users see immediate effects, but how high a building can be built depends largely on how well the technology “foundation” is laid. stable.

KuCoin not only has a trading system developed by its technical team that takes into account transaction efficiency and stability, but also provides the highest-level data push in the industry. In particular, it has innovative products such as the “fuse” and firewall mechanism developed by the team, and Pool-X, which are well-received. . Over the years, KuCoin has been working hard to contribute to the industry and promote the development of the industry.

If DeFi promotes the reshuffle of the CEX industry, it is more likely to win, and the high probability will be those platforms with pragmatic teams, solid independent R&D technical strength, excellent products, and time-honored platforms.